Hire a state of the art fuel truck or water truck

With St Genevieve Refuel & Hire, you can drive a brand new 6,000 litre fuel truck
or a 12-14,000 litre water truck/s

2x Isuzu 6,000 Litre Fuel Trucks

  • HR license required
  • Operate with a smart fill system
  • High flow rate bowser
  • 10 metre hose reel
  • Jump lead points
  • 9kg fire extinguisher
  • Single axle drive
  • UHF Radio
  • Reverse Camera

Hino 12,000 Litre Water Truck

  • Requires HR license
  • 3x rear sprayers (right centre and left)
  • Dividable rear spray bars (half/half)
  • Auto transmission
  • Left and right front sprays
  • HR license required to operate
  • Reverse camera
  • Amber beacon
  • 18m Rear Hose Reel

Mercedes 13,000 Litre Water Truck

  • Dual axle
  • Cab operated water cannon
  • Full rear drip bar
  • 2x side sprays
  • 2x batter sprays
  • 1x centre spray
  • Auto transmission
  • HR license required for operation
  • 30 metre hose on reel
  • Beacon
  • Reverse camera

2x Hino 12,000 Litre Water Trucks

  • 3x front sprays (left, right and centre)
  • Centre high mounted spray
  • Manually operated cannon
  • 2x rear corner sprays (left and right)
  • 25m hose reel
  • 200 litre auxillary fuel tank with
  • meter and bowser nozzle
  • Reverse camera
  • Auto transmission
  • HR licence required
  • Overhead beacon

Isuzu 14,000 Litre Water Truck

  • Dual axle
  • Cab operated Water Cannon
  • 20 metre hose reel
  • 2x batter sprays
  • 2x drip bars
  • 3x rear sprays (centre, left and right)
  • HR license required for operation
  • Overhead fill attached
  • Auto transmission

About Us

30 years of property development and community building powers St. Genevieve’s fleet of tankers for hire.
It’s our partnerships with the Homes for Homes, Diggers Rest Primary School and the North Side Wizards and building communities for families that’s at the heart of our community focus.

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